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The Key To Long Lasting Gear? Clean It.

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Washing your Pack and other gear helps keep it in top performance condition. Here you are – the happiest time of the year, hunting season, has officially come to an end.  Obviously you have a trophy that deserves living room wall space and a freezer full of meat. One thing is for certain at the […]

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New Zealand Hunting

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By Josh Kinser of Texas Trophy Hunters Association & Trophy Hunters TV Last year’s hunt focused on hunting tahr up in the mountains.  The weather and wind were brutal so we ended up hunting at slightly lower levels than we had planned.  The day I got my tahr, the wind gusts were between 80-100 knots.  […]

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Buying a pack

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Performance, Comfort & Quality What to look for when buying a Backpack. By Isaac Aleman With the variety of packs on the market today, it can become difficult to make a final decision on which pack will best meet your needs.  These days are a far cry from my youth and the hunts that I […]